Crowdfunding for a new album! March is an artist from the U.K. With folk, indie and experimental influences, she blends together these atmospheres creating a unique pool of smooth layered vocals, weaving guitar melodies and catchy hooks.

“Tender and vibrant songs, with dreamlike edge. Hauntingly beautiful”

Chris Riddell

“Stunning, ethereal sounds crafted around thought provoking lyrics. March is a gifted song writer and has a voice you will want to listen to again and again.”

Stephanie Newenhouse (BBC Introducing Solent)

“Around the autobiographical grit of life she builds melodic pearls.  Her silvery vocals twist their way into your subconscious so that you find her words and tunes continue to haunt you.”

Stuart Ffoulkes (Not Your Trusted Music Guide)

“Her ear for an irresistible pop hook allows her to build something joyful, hopeful and undeniably catchy. It’s a sign of a great songwriter when we find ourselves clicking play for the fifth time in a row.”

Folkroom Records