March is the project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kitty O’Neal. Over the years her story-telling has evolved into a unique pool of sound, transcending the borders between contemporary folk, indie, pop and electronica. With thoughtful harmonic changes and an often through-composed style reminiscent of prog-rock and jazz, March has incorporated her diverse tastes into new album ‘All of the Above’.

The album was part-funded by Help Musicians UK ‘Do it Differently’ fund for independent musicians, and was recorded between home studios, The Royal College of Music and Spiral Studios in Guildford. All of the Above explores themes of dreams, identity and memory, embracing the changes in relationships and the ebbs and flows of living. The album showcases March’s competent and introspective lyric-writing, her distinctive and emotive vocal performance, and moments of pure musical creativity. March cut her teeth as a solo artist on the Southampton/south UK coast music scene, and has performed across the south of England, including multiple slots at Glastonbury and Sofar Sounds.

March is supported by Help Musicians UK ‘Do It Differently’ fund and the ‘Accelerator’ fund from ICMP. Recent support slots include Rae Morris (Hoxton Hall), Rozi Plain (Joiners), Orla Gartland (Live-streamed event) and Fiona Bevan (God’s House Tower).


For the World and Never Ruin on BBC 6 Music with Tom Robinson
Folk Radio UK. Premiere: March – For the World
March performs ‘Wear Me Down’ in the BBC Radio Solent Live Lounge
The Early Late Show: Stephanie Newenhouse – March in session ahead of her gig at The Brook
Sofar Sounds Frome: Gig review by Dani Sharp

“Stunning, ethereal sounds crafted around thought provoking lyrics. March is a gifted song writer and has a voice you will want to listen to again and again.” – Stephanie Newenhouse (BBC Introducing Solent)

“Her ear for an irresistible pop hook allows her to build something joyful, hopeful and undeniably catchy. It’s a sign of a great songwriter when we find ourselves clicking play for the fifth time in a row.” – Folkroom Records

“Tender and vibrant songs, with dreamlike edge. Hauntingly beautiful” – Chris Riddell (Illustrator and writer) 

“Around the autobiographical grit of life she builds melodic pearls.  Her silvery vocals twist their way into your subconscious so that you find her words and tunes continue to haunt you.” – Stuart Ffoulkes (Gig writer)