2 days in Sussex with Dan

I spent two days with one of my very talented best friends Dan Keen at his home studio in Sussex, where we completed the rest of the recording for my 4-track EP. This involved recording the vocals for all 4 tracks – lots of tea breaks were needed but I am so pleased with how they are sounding. This EP is pretty vocal heavy, lots of layers and backing vocals all over the place. We also recorded Dan’s drum parts and lots and lots of layered viola parts that I had written a couple of weeks ago, to add a live feel to the midi-string tracks. It was hard work, but a lot of fun and as always very special to spend this time working with Dan (who you should all go and check out, he gets up to all sorts)

1 thought on “2 days in Sussex with Dan

  1. Dan Keen says:

    Always such a pleasure to work with you. Three projects deep and already planning the next one. Thanks for tea, love and songs.


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