2019 highlights!

Everything comes and goes; pleasure moves on too early and trouble leaves too slow

Whilst there seem to be many reasons to be disappointed in the world right now, and as 2019 comes to an almighty end…I’d like to share some experiences that I am so grateful to have shared with some of you this year in my little music life.

Starting this new musical chapter and releasing my ‘Wear Me Down’ EP (avec Dan Keen, Morgan Rickman, Frazer Pearce) has taken me to some very special places.

I played my first festival season – 6 magical festivals including a slot at Glastonbury which was just a bit crazy. My little car Goat (who is sadly on his last legs) took me all over the place and I met some truly cool people.

I’ve written an album and successfully crowdfunded the future making of it! This has been equal parts fun and scary, but now excitement takes over as I begin to make it (and create all of the exclusive rewards to send out to all of the people who donated). My buddy Dan and I get together this week to start making some sounds! Eeeek

I’ve supported some great artists who I hugely love and respect, and through that I’ve met even more of you music-supporting superheroes. Gigs with Rozi Plain, Rae Morris and Fiona Bevan were some real highlights. 💕

To top it all off, receiving a Do It Differently fund from Help Musicians UK recently has made me feel extra happy and supported as I begin making these new songs in January

Thanks all of you who have listened, come to gigs, cheered me on, joined my Indiegogo campaign and supported me in other ways. I can’t wait for another year of it! (After a bit of hibernation and refuelling) 2020 is going to be an even better one x

Please sign up for more gigs and news at marchofficialuk@gmail.com and note my January gigs below :

10th Jan – The Art House, Southampton  

11th – Live For Libby, London

31st – Jonny Moody & Guest, Southampton

God’s House Tower, 7th December 2019
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