Dear friends, family, followers, fellow artists and the future –

This year I have spent time writing new music, reading, listening, journalling, discovering art that inspires me, creating in other ways, meeting new people, simultaneously experiencing the mundane and taking the time to work on what I love doing. Inside me I have a lot of ideas that have been slowly brewing, and I am becoming ready to share some of them with you.

Times are turbulent! Many shifts, changes, mishaps, grievances, blessings, triumphs and woes. The experiences, some ordinary and some rather poignant, are revealing themselves in the form of songs, art, and action. With this new wave of creation, I feel an urge to reinvent myself and so begins this new chapter. I am proud of my achievements and by no means is this a complete departure from the past. I would like to thank all who have loved and supported my music, and now cordially invite you to follow me in this new direction… 

Thank you for your patience whilst these little changes come together.

It is with great excitement and joy that I am now, officially, March. 


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