March / Wear Me Down [EP Review]

‘Wear Me Down’ is exactly what you would expect from a renowned artist such as ‘March’ – it is down-to-earth and euphoric. Inspiring the listener with her sensual vocals, March pulls you into her mindset early on with the fluidity of her voice. The thought provoking lyrics entwined with March’s beautiful sound dramatically reach out to the listener, drawing you further into her world. 

The cool-subtlety of the EP goes to show why this popular recording artist is on all the festival circuits this summer, with a slot at Glastonbury later in the month.  Her dreamy wistful songwriting is in line with her peaceful yet provocative stage presence, which must be witnessed to gain the full scope of what March is capable of as an artist. 

Given the deep and sometimes gritty nature of her songs she evokes a passion in her singing that is difficult to emulate.  Speaking from the heart her voice rings true and clear throughout the whole EP, keeping a perception of sensuality that is exceptionally present throughout.

‘A Hold On Me’, is my favourite track of the EP with its heartfelt and capable lyrics.  It takes the listener deep into the soul of the artist, as she speaks about feelings of bliss, a move that is honest and endearing. The rest of the song is a spirited message of those topsy-turvy feelings of love that we all have once in a while, while retaining its sense of being headstrong, and ultimately a wonderful sounding track.

‘Wear Me Down’ is unique, consistent and of brilliant quality. The capability of creating something true to oneself really transpires through the music that March writes. Her honesty in this EP is a grown-up and brave way to approach a release and she has attained as much perfection from this as one could hope to achieve.

Wonderfully produced, fantastically layered and detailed tracks keep this record flowing from start to finish in a way that is majestic, inspiring and emotionally up-lifting.

A true winner!

Words by Rebekah May Scott-Healey, Music Journalist 

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